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Dejan Vinković

Science and Society Synergy Institute
Bana Jospia Jelacica 22B
40000 Cakovec, Croatia
e-mail: dejan_at_iszd.hr
My Cartoon Drawings and Sketches
Active Project
Latest update: December 01, 2006
If you wish to use these cartoons in any manner please send me e-mail at dejan_at_ias.edu. Thank you!

Dejan at work Dejan at work
Me in my deep underground bunker, where I work hard together with mysterious evil mastermind Blue Nerd Rabbit (photo not available).


School kids... my impressions of the hard life in schools.

A baby raccoon and "Under construction" (animated GIF).

A hedgehog's meaning of life.

A Schrodinger cat - in real life.

The true story about how Newton descovered the laws of gravity - and violent chickens.

How to seduce a girl: a short course. (in croatian only): PAGE-1, PAGE-2

The world of physics: depressed physicists and sense of reality.

The world of physics: second order approximations and safe experimens.

alcoholic mosquitos and open mind person

A lesson from biology: a real Romeo must be small!
Hypothesis by Jordi Moya-Larano: "If the female spiders live high above the ground then the male spiders are smaller than usual in order to climb more easily and mate with as many females as possible." (published in Evolution, Vol. 56, No. 2, pp. 420-42)