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Dejan Vinković

Science and Society Synergy Institute
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40000 Cakovec, Croatia
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Non-Radial Stellar Pulsations
Completed Project
Latest update: August 10, 2004
Theoretical model of photometric variability due to a non-radial pulsation (animated GIF - 2.4Mb). Blue = higher temperature; Red = lower temperature
Non-radial pulsations can manifest themselves through multi-period photometric variability by modulating the stellar surface temperature. I developed a code NORSTEP that calculates photometric curves based on the spherical harmonics of a given non-radial pulsation. The modeling was successfully applied to the star 53 Persei (Vinkovic D. & Pavlovski K., Proceedings of the ESO Workshop "Cyclical Variability in Stellar Winds", Springer-Verlag, 1998, p.195).