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Physical properties of the pre-protostellar core IRc7
Active Project
Latest update: December 01, 2006
12.5 microns image of the Orion BN/KL complex.
The most extensively studied region of high-mass star formation, and also the closest, is the Orion BN/KL complex. Nevertheless, it is still not well understood. The sources that drive extensive outflow activity in BN/KL and contribute most to its luminosity are still under debate. The extinction of this region is high and variable, hiding numerous individual sources at visible and near infrared (IR) wavelengths. The mid IR imaging reveals that BN/KL is crowded with compact IR objects, which are presumably embedded protostars and young stellar objects. One of such objects is IRc7. Images at different mid IR wavelengths suggest that it is internally heated. In order to reveal the nature of the source embedded in IRc7, a group of us preformed detailed radiative transfer modeling of spectral and imaging data of IRc7. The results strongly suggest that IRc7 belongs to a very early class of objects with a warm, self-luminous, "pre-protostellar" core.

Gezari, D.Y., Danchi, W.C., Varosi, F., Elitzur, M., Vinkovic, D., Greenhill, L. J., & Dwek, E. 2004, Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society, 36, 1519 (ADS)

Gezari, D.Y., Vinkovic, D., Elitzur, M., Danchi, W. C., Varosi, F., Greenhill, L. J., Dwek, E. "Physical properties of pre-protostellar and protostellar mid-infrared sources in the Orion BN/KL", in preparation